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How do you learn about our school?
Parents agree to the following enrollment terms and conditions:
Parents agree to the following enrollment terms and conditions:
1. I/We) understand that all the first time students (students not currently enrolled) will be required to pay a one-time only $100 Admission fee. This fee is not applicable to tuition and is no-refundable and non-transferable and is due at time of enrollment. 2. (I/We) understand that the Enrollment fee $200 is non-refundable. 3. (I/We) understand that the person(s) who sign this registration form are unconditionally and personally liable for full tuition for the program enrolled. There will be reduction or remission of tuition fees if a student withdraws before the year is complete, except due to severe illness or where a student relocates more than 30km from the school. Written notice of withdrawal must be submitted no less than 30 days prior, with proof of the move in the form of a signed offer to purchase or a lease agreement for a new residence. 4. (I/We) understand that there is no reduction in tuition for months including holidays, vacations, teacher workdays, and unscheduled emergency closings. 5. (I/We) understand the scheduled payments will be due on the 1st of the month. If tuition is not received prior to the 5th day of the month a $50 late fee will be assessed. Also failure to pay the tuition within 30 days may result in dismissal for non-payment. All charges due under this tern shall bear interest at the highest legal rate if not paid with 30 days after the due date. Non-payment of amount due will be considered a violation of the Play Space Montessori terms and conditions. Progress reports, student recommendations will only be sent only if accounts are paid in full. 6. (I/We) understand that should any unpaid balance must be paid in full before enrollment can be granted for the following year. 7. (I/We) agree to abide by all policies and procedures in effect at Play Space Montessori. A Parent Handbook will be provided that lists the policies and procedures in detail. 8. (I/We) understand that an email address and Montessori Compass account are necessary to maintain periodic communication. Privacy policies will be strictly adhered to and can be found in the Parent Handbook. 9. (I/We) understand that uniform must be worn daily. Denim or khaki short, pants or skorts (no skirts), the Play Space Montessori shirt, and rubber soled/closed toes shoes (no crocs). Parents will be asked to bring proper attire if child is not in dress code. 10. (I/We) understand that EMMA lunchboxes must be used. Additional lunchboxes may be purchased in the office. 11. (I/We) understand that due to space limitations for daily storage only EMMA bags – no backpacks please. 12. (I/We) understand that all items must be clearly marked with the student’s name. (I/We) further understand that Play Space Montessori is not responsible for damages or loss of personal belongings. 13. (I/We) give my child permission to participate in enrichment activities provided by an outside contractor. 14. The below signature acknowledges my full understanding and agreement to the terms of this contract.