Montessori Education is a popular and successful learning method developed by Maria Montessori over a hundred years ago and practiced in thousands of schools around the world. It is a child-centred approach based on careful observation of learning behavior and skill development from childhood to adulthood. Research shows that children with a Montessori education are well prepared for later life, academically, socially and emotionally.

The key philosophy of Montessori is to allow children the freedom to choose and undertake carefully-prepared learning activities at their own pace. This approach fosters independence and a love for learning, which serves the further development of the child. Teachers guide children through their learning processes, observing their natural intelligence and supporting them to focus on and complete tasks. Children learn important social and emotional skills along the way, as they understand and respect the choices and needs of the other students.

"greatest care should be takenIf this is donethen the child does not become a burdenhe will reveal himself as the greatest marvel of nature."
 - maria motessori -



At Play Space, we use the Montessori Method because we believe it is best for the children. We have a framework of cooperation agreement with the Australian Montessori Foundation and the Montessori Association of Thailand as well as membership with the American Montessori Society. Our teachers are well-trained by industry experts in the use of Montessori methods and Montessori learning tools. They also understand the particular needs of children who are growing up in Cambodia and work closely with their parents as part of the learning community.